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We all start somewhere...

Brand design is more than a logo. It took me a little while to figure that out. See I got into design by accident, my friend wanted to update his clothing brand. He felt it was time for a change. Long story short I wanted to give him a hand, so I dived in at the deep end and learned how to use Adobe Illustrator along with the fundamentals of graphic design.

And then we learn.

Not long after, I felt ready and keen to assess his clothing brand’s visual identity (I felt very fancy knowing that term). With my shiny new skills I suggested that they were positioned too much towards body-building and it was hindering their growth, being such a small market. Especially after hearing about his vision for the brand and the mindset he wanted to inspire through his clothing. Over the next few months his brand became my obsession, and so did design.


I fell in love with this new way to express my creativity and I’d just discovered the power of the Adobe suite… good times. With great will and determination I managed to simplify the logo and effectively reposition the brand to a broader market, with literally no experience. I actually managed to design some brochures, clothing and print material too! Once that ball was rolling there was no stopping me.

Everything changed.

I  enjoyed the process of design and strategy so much that it totally changed my way of thinking regarding what I did for work. I’d finally found something I would love to do, something I genuinely enjoyed and could make a living from… mind blown. Fast forward a couple of years and I’d learned as much as I could about design. I spent every day yearning to get home, fire up my laptop and create something new. I’d managed to bag a few logo design gigs through people I knew and then a close friend did something crazy… he left his job to start a business. I immediately had two questions to ask him; are you crazy? And, can I brand your company please? He said yes to both.

Leaps and bounds.

During this time learning about and practicing design, I found that my unique blend of OCD and nerdy creativity allowed me a great perspective when it comes to designing logos, which quickly became my first specialty.


It wasn’t long however that I realised there was more to it than the technical ability to design. You also need vision, reference, and something to build the logo from. Introducing… brand foundations. When working with business owners and entrepreneurs I noticed that the only real reason for being in business they had was “to make money” which is indeed a good reason BUT, there needs to be more to it in order to build a really stand out brand. Which is what we all want to do right?


So off the back of that I started looking deeper into the world of branding. My eyes were opened yet again. I’d been designing for just long enough to be able to navigate all the jargon that barriers entry to the all the good stuff, the estranged information from the lay person.


At this point it’s all thank you’s and appreciation to Chris Do and his Futur academy. Honestly, if you’re a graphic designer that isn’t aware of that powerhouse, get to know and thank me later. Now I won’t bore you with the details here, we can have a chat about it when our paths cross but suffice it to say, he dropped some knowledge bombs that I’m still recovering from. I learnt all about strategy, brand foundations, golden rules for design, and way more. Most importantly I realised that with all the knowledge and skill I’d been gaining over the past few years, I could feasibly leave my 9-5 and pursue my passion… Design.

And here we are now, you're reading this section of my website and I'm branding companies full time. It's awesome! If you're an entrepreneur reading this then I'd love to discuss working together, if you're a fellow designer then let's chat design until the sun sets.

Peace and Love to all.

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